It occurs to me that, for some of us, our homes always hold some of our personal energy, even when we are away from them. There are times where wanting to go home, “I need to go home now”, becomes an urgent desire. Heading home to replenish our souls, to recharge our energy, to be safe and at peace. Home may be where you hang your hat, but the hat probably is reminiscent of your home in some way, colour, texture or shape.

I love looking at clean, minimalist design but know for sure that I wouldn’t be able to resist surrounding myself with sparkly mercury glass, flowers, candles, art, lamps, colour, books and collections of corks, erasers, wool, matchbooks and the like.

The things in my home are there to provide me comfort, there is a photo from 1960 of me barely able to sit on my own, pudgy baby plopped in the middle of that plaid wool blanket, yes, that blanket, the blue one that today is draped over the back of the red chair, my history, part of me always. There are the binders that hold my knitting needles, knowing that margie has the same binders, they make me feel connected to her. I light flickering scented candles, making our home smell like our home, familiar and warm. A mishmash of art work, all bought, not because we have a certain style, but because we couldn’t live without them, they were ours before we ever saw them and brought them home.

When we travel, or move into a furnished apartment for a season, I immediately stamp it, imprint it with the essence of us. I unpack, arrange our things, rearrange what doesn’t suit me and then I feel comfortable.

I use pretty things at work, a colorful tape dispenser, thumbtacks that are reminiscent of typewriter keys, wooden boxes and a bright blue stapler, work is my environment for a major portion of my week, of course I want my desk to make me feel inspired.

Today I am home, a sore knee forcing me to reside on the couch, and as I sit here I am struck by how important my environment is to me. I need a reflection of home, a trinket, a scent, something that feels like home, with me always.


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  1. i completely agree. i like the clean look of minimalistic designs, but they never feel homely. i need something to make me feel comfortable. feel better soon.

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