Play time …


We like to play and colour. We collect little toys and they appear unexpectedly as part of the decor in our homes. Margie’s troll sits nestled amongst some gorgeous porcelain vases.

Margie and I were texting yesterday. Her newest Grandbaby is due four weeks from today We were saying that Harry is probably going to be a little unhappy at times with the introduction of a new sibling. One of Margie’s kids, Sarah maybe, said  a week after Sam’s arrival, “Who’s baby is that anyway?” As in, “Maybe they  should pick it up, it’s been here a long time.” We remembered the birth of her children and I said, “they hated getting a new baby so much”. Margie replied, “Everyone does.”  I challenged her that she loved me from the very beginning, she replied, “I don’t remember!” I am choosing to think she did.


A few months ago some texting about baby names resulted in Margie deciding she wanted to be called Coco. It is such a great name. Now when I call her, I say, “Bonjour Coco!!!” and she replies, “Bonjour Kiki!” We pretend to speak french to each other. It is silly, wonderful and makes us happy.

When I visited in September we were standing in a parking lot saying goodbye. Again, silliness took over, we drew stares when we started full-on Lucy and Ethel fake blubbering, crying.  Now we do it automatically when we leave each other.

I took two paper ketchup cups from a fast-food restaurant and carefully put them away, waiting until Christmas day when I knew Margie and I would both probably need pain killers, having done too much as usual. I snuck upstairs, got us each a pill and brought them down in our paper cups, just like a nurse. We stood in the kitchen while the preparations swirled around us, time stopped and we screamed with laughter.

We play well together. Harry will play well with his new baby too. I am sure of it, it runs in the family.

A bientôt!


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  1. I LOVE this! So funny. I also love it because I am a Nana CoCo and my youngest with her new baby calls her sister Aunt Kiki (keke- not sure how she spells that!). Great post. Oh, and I love that troll!

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