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coffee time is a little like the chicken and the egg, which came first?  i most certainly need that cup of java in the morning and another mid-afternoon, i make the time to brew and enjoy my coffee.  i am particular about the cup, i have many and depending on my mood i do actually care which cup i use.    most importantly though is the bonus time a coffee break gets me, time that i can talk to kath by email or text, time to read a few lines or visit my on line friends, time to make a list or plan dinner.  so what comes first, the coffee or the time?

one of my 2014 goals is to become aware of how i use my time, how do i prioritize, schedule and of course, waste my time.   the soeurs have stepped into the world of the day planners, journal du jour if you must.  we have a plan that allows us to efficiently use our planners and yet with all the gadgets and skills we have, why is that we still can’t seem to get everything done.  i am starting to think that the time management i have learned is a waste of time for me.

my strategy for this week is to keep detailed notes of how i use my time.  i realize that i can’t possibly manage my time if i don’t actually know what time i have.  i want to identify the important  but not urgent.  this week i hope to learn the time of day i work best and how to say no.


i have a new focus for 2014, it’s me.

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