Clear and Cold


You lose touch with feelings, ideas, friends and even the weather when you step away for a while.  Barry and I have lived in Southern Ontario for ten years, we’ve grown soft with our mild winter temperatures and skimpy snow falls.  We drove to Ottawa at Christmas, wanting to be amongst the first to toast “Cheers!” to Margie and Andy’s new home.

We left our own home in a surprisingly ferocious snow storm but as we rounded Lake Ontario and drove through Toronto, it cleared and the day turned sunny.  A few hours in, it was time for gas and coffee at the same stop we always make, we are creatures of habit for sure. Barry and I hopped out of the car, boots untied, puffy vests, no gloves or hats …. I remember exclaiming  “SH-*!!!!!! –  I forget how cold it gets, we are wimps now!”  Just two hours into our six hour journey and the drop in temperature was shocking.

As I write, we are experiencing the coldest temperatures we’ve known since our move to Niagara, sucked into the Polar Vortex. We find ourselves once again, this time here at home, marvelling at how easy it is to fall out of touch, forgetting how cold really feels.

My reaction to the clear, cold weather has me thinking how Margie and I fell out of touch with our blog. Like the heavy coats and hats, closeted away and brought out only when we are reminded how cold it is, our thoughts have been tucked into email, texts and phone calls, hidden to just the two of us. Photos have been made but not shared left packed tightly in our cameras.  When I picked up the camera to shoot at Christmas, I was surprised to see the last photos were taken in September and before that the download was in May.  Long enough to forget how it feels. Our too short visit with each other at Christmas reminded us that we have missed not only each other but our internet friends who visit us here.

We are finally settled back in, cozy and comfy, unpacking our thoughts and photos and as Margie said in the previous post, we wish for company, so we hope you will join us again.


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  1. Boy, can I relate to this one. Sometimes, we just need blogging breaks. But, I have to confess–it is so nice to read your words and see your amazing pictures again! (And I feel your pain where the cold is concerned. Brrrr…!)

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