Bubbie’s Little World


I used to work in a plant store in my teens, my part-time job during school. Saturdays were spent watering, repotting and tidying up  the plants in the store. I liked that job. I was a container gardener. I remember being blissfully excited at the prospect of gardening on a large scale when we  bought our house here. I had a green thumb, it was going to be just as all the gardeners had promised, a meditation, peaceful and enjoyable. As I grew to hate the gardening, it was backbreaking, boring and took too much time, I longed for the simplicity and ease of my small containers. Luckily I have been blessed with an unexpected bonus of downsizing and I again have time to muddle around with small pots of succulents, herbs and violets, all safely perched on the window sills in our sunny apartment.

We always have big plans, the sisters and we always get easily distracted. It is spring and she has run away, that sister of mine. Run off without me for a visit with one of the grands. She is with Harry. The jealousy makes me green, a fitting colour for spring, I so wish I was there. She is off  in Bubbie’s world while Auntie stays home.

Last summer, Margie was determined not to get distracted, she was organized and had a list of projects. She had Plans. She shopped, gathered supplies and as the waves slapped the side of the boat taking her to the island, she raised her creative sails and  once the mice were sent back to the forest, wooden floors swept and fresh sheets on the beds, she put those plans into action. I would receive email while I was at work, the sun was shining, she had painted a picture of daisies. It was raining, she had donned rainboots and walked through the woods searching for mushrooms and moss. She said, “I made this!” and directed me to the Make Something Blog. I day dreamed while I typed at work. I was going to make a terrarium too!

I finally made it to the cottage for one (too short) weekend and all three grand nephews were there. Finally I could see the small boys … David had looked at Margie’s terrarium and marvelled, “Bubbie’s Little World!”, he promptly added a tiny plastic dinosaur and stated, “I want one!” (Ah, a boy after my own heart!). Bubbie and Auntie, two little boys (Harry, you were too small, maybe this summer!) set out to collect rocks and sand and ferns and moss.  Baggies were filled, sticks were poked into holes in the forest floor and after a morning of exploring, we had all we needed to make terrariums in mason jars. We were all very excited and then sadly, mine took a tumble in the back of the car on the way home and never recovered.

Needless to say, I was disappointed that Bubbies Little World didn’t make it. It did set me on a mission though and I have been searching for the perfect jar. I stopped at the first garage sale of the season a few weeks ago, it was chilly and rainy, but tradition dictates that I must stop at the first one I spot. I wandered around, freezing, hands in pockets, shoulders hunched hoping that I would see something that would mark the start of the treasure hunting season and there it was …the perfect jar.


Like my sister, I made a plan, gathered my supplies and this morning, I made my own little world. I am so pleased. My creative wish & do list is long for this summer and first on the list, I need my sister to go home and come play on the blog with me.


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