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Month: March, 2009

re-tired and refreshing

by margie kardash

five couples, youngest being in their seventies, oldest in their eighties sitting on the beach in longboat key, florida playing backgammon.  for hours.  laughing and calling each other out!  

three of the women were quick to point out that they were not players, they were readers.

one woman, whose husband was quite elderly, with a walker, stood beside him with her hand on his shoulder watching him play.  she had the best tan.  all of them were so excited that i wanted to take photos.

when the tires on a car wear out, it is quite possible to just put new tires on it.  
re-tire the car per se.  so many of the people on the beach seem to be re-tired.  


couples.  so many couples.  walking hand in hand.  
laughing, reading, tanning, surreptitiously opening a can of beer,
pouring it into the pink plastic cup decorated with a flamingo.


this is my first trip to florida.  i expected a lot of retired people.
i am so thrilled to see that so many of them have just been re-tired.
i like it here.  it feels like camp.  


wednesday, 8:00 a.m.
we made coffee and went to watch the sunrise this morning.


margie xo

Not the Beach

by margie kardash

Margie is at the beach.   Her photos yesterday were amazing but they kind of made me feel bad in a jealous kind of way.  I know she is really working on taking great photos on Manual and I'm jealous because I want to take good photos too, only I haven't been working at it, heck I didn't take a single picture last week.  There was only one way to remedy this problem.  I needed to get out and take some pictures.  Nothing like a little sibling rivalry to get you up and moving ;-) 

I didn't move far, I walked across the street and down to the next property.

I thought that I could match that beach photo.  Here's what I found, we are calling this photo "not the beach" or "lake vineyard".  Needless to say we have had a lot of rain in the last few days.  

I couldn't believe how much water there was and then I remembered to be grateful for our sump pump, that it wasn't snow and that it had stopped raining.  Never hurts to stop and say thanks, right? And I was happy with the subject matter, it's pretty unusual.  
I was slightly disappointed that I hadn't found any creatures to photograph when I heard a noise.
I wonder, do you have red or white wine with duck?


As our friend Miz Booshay says, "encourage each other"
 and I'm adding to that, "even if you find encouragement because you're jealous!"

beach babies on a macro monday

by margie kardash

warm weather.  white sand. 1950's beach cottage.  
good friends. 
and a head cold.  i know, i know.
i feel like crap.  stuffed up, starting to cough.




each time i leave the winter behind me and head south i am astonished.
i am someone who loves the sun, i love to be near the water
and yet come winter i seem to be unable to sustain the familiar warmth of summer
bare feet, warm breezes, hot sun, i love it.  lifts the soul, it does.


margie xo

What time is it?

by margie kardash

I have had a rough weekend, heck I had a rough week.   Last weekend I developed a pain in my knee.  It hurt but I hadn't done anything.   I ended up going to the chiropractor three times and he diagnosed tight muscles that were pulling.  So the stretching and icing routine began but by Thursday the headache had arrived.   On Friday I had a less intense but still lingering headache and my knee was starting to hurt even more. I was sad because it seemed to be getting worse.    

We headed in to Toronto Friday night to go out for dinner and see our friend Scott Pietrangelo perform.   I was a trooper, I thought the distraction would make me feel better.   The evening ended badly, a $60.00 parking ticket for parking in a spot that had four signs, you can park here now, you can't park here now, we'll tow you away and never stop here.   Read individually we thought we fell into the you can park here now category.   Apparently we fell into the you can't park here now category.   It seems that you must read the signs in a counter-clockwise counter-intuitive fashion starting at the top right.    What you really need is an interpreter because it took us five minutes to figure out where we had gone wrong.   You can park here now between 9:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. and then in tiny faded letters, if you have a permit.  Of course, we didn't have a permit.

By the time we left, my knee was hurting so badly I admit to crying a wee bit on the drive home.

I decided to stay in bed Saturday morning and stay off my leg as much as possible.  Barry went out to do some errands and came home with this.

Something for me? 
The lovely and generous Christina at Soul Aperture  had a Valentines Day giveaway.

So this morning when I walked into my kitchen I saw this.
The most adorable salt and pepper shakers ever.  How did she know that I love s&p shakers and that my kitchen is red.  She is truly amazing.
This gift of friendship made me feel much better.  
So much better that I listened to Barry's advice that maybe I should see a doctor. 
We went to the clinic where I was prescribed anti-inflammatories.   
Movies were rented, a New Yorker Magazine procured, the tv carried up to the living room and pizza ordered for dinner.  Everything a sick girl needs to feel better.
And today I do feel better.

But I am baffled by the time change.  I thought it happened tonight??  
What time is it for real?


hasta la vista

by margie kardash


my new beach wear.
as you read this i am enroute to florida.

we are in the syracuse airport. 
 beer, free wireless.
travel scrabble.


xo margie

Spring in my step but a pain in my head

by margie kardash

Guess what we found last night …

crocus sprouts

this makes me indescribably happy

which is good because I have an incredible headache and I can't do a big post today.  This photo is old and was taken a couple of years ago and I don't even have the energy to give it a boost in iphoto.

Happy Friday everyone

(oh and we're going with the more green tint photo of the tree – thanks for your help)


I see that Margie's been playing with Lightroom – take a look at that vibrant picture up in her photo album.   She should add it to this post so that you can see it better.  It's gorgeous. 

okay I'm out of here for now



feel better kath.
by the way, my post yesterday…
this morning i found this helpful blogger.


from my daughter sarah:

took a cue from you two and went out for a walk with my camera after

work the other day – everything is still covered in ice and it is

gorgeous looking! what do you think of these photos? xo

not bad!!!  xo mom


love a few

by margie kardash

389 shots, and not shots of vodka or jamieson's!  photos.  that's how many photos i took on my road trip today.  i went to montreal to see the babies.  before i left i had an agenda.  i wanted to think about my trip to florida, and plan a little, and i thought about not taking any pictures on automatic.  everything manual.

well thank g*d i chickened out and took some photos on automatic cause really, nine shots is more like it. forget the other 380. those were, as we say in jewish, nishta good.  

the babies, they look terrific! they are so full of personality!
i love a kid with personality, a kid who can live outside the box.

Excuse me

like danny.
 danny is ten months old.
he can stand, walk and throw you a look;
all while he's eating bread and butter.
i brought fresh bread from our bakery.

and dave, he wanted a picture of his shadow.
he was very interested in whether his shadow could show up in a photo.


then i took tons of photos in the biodome.  
i ended up with very few photos i liked.
just a lot of totally black and totally blurry photos that i didn't like.
this one, i liked.


and this ducky, i have no idea what i did.


people, friends, i need help.  i want a tutor.  i want a bunch of tutors.
i know that i have a good eye.  i want a better eye.
i know that i can play with photoshop, i want to play harder.
are you up for it.
can we help each other?
can we help me?  because really the rest of you seem to be doing so well.

i am exhausted.  just like mr. laid back.


i am, as you can guess, hearting this family.  
my very sweet daughter in law, sarah, and the two babies.


whew, what a day.
xo margie

delete delete delete

by margie kardash

I just spent the last three hours in iphoto and have deleted 2,000 photos.  I am feeling very bleary eyed now.   You see, I was quickly approaching 10,000 photos and that felt excessive.   Which means that 8,000 is not excessive, right?  Ah well, I feel better, like I've done something really good.   

This is the picture I'm loving right now.  We want to fix it up a bit and have it printed on canvas to hang in the bedroom.
Here are some of the things I've tried.
Oh dear, I'm not sure I like any of them now.  
Maybe I should hit delete, delete, delete and start over.   What would you do?  

Oh and marg?  Good luck with that underpacking thing, if you figure it out let me know. I always bring way too much.


by the way, wanda tagged us on a self portrait
mine is up on my flickr

and mine is here  flickr

florida friends

by margie kardash

Charley molly
charley and molly

sit down, wait for it, kids, you won't believe this, but i have never been to florida.  i know, its hard to believe that there is a canadian alive that hasn't been to florida but i never have.  and now i am going.  saturday morning we are driving to syracuse, new york, flying to florida and visiting our charley's best friend molly and her parents.  i would appreciate it if you wouldn't mention it to charley if you see her, we haven't told her that molly will be there.


molly and her parents, steve and pat.

we summer next door to each other on the island and this winter they have "done" florida for three months.  longboat key.  and they have kindly invited A. and i to spend a week with them.  
today i got excited.  tomorrow i will begin the task of under packing.  that's my goal.  to under pack.  i need my camera/lenses/a book/ and a few things to wear.  flip flops.  




there is a beach.  my favourite, to look for beach things.  

margie xo

Missing Sister on a Macro Monday

by margie kardash

So, this may seem silly but I don't know where my sister is.   She wasn't around yesterday so I suspect she has taken a road trip and we will be seeing some pics of the her grandbabies real soon.

These photos are from September and were some of my very first attempts at macro photography with the macro lens.  

2008 09 14_4296
2008 09 14_4300
You can find more Macro Monday shots at Lisa's Chaos.

And Margie?  Hello?  Where are you?


Sepia flower-1

hi, i'm here.  dreadful computer problems.
problem fixed.  photos are back.
hi kath, she said sheepishly.  
xo margie

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